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Having used the software for eight years, 3L Beauté is still happy with Direct-debits

3L Beauté beauty salon has been using Exalog’s Direct-debits software to debit its customers for eight years. Laura Girard, who has been managing the salon for three years, spoke to us about using the software.

Could you tell us about your company and your role within it?

3L Beauté is a beauty salon run under the Esthetic Center franchise. We offer various services such as makeup, skin care, epilation, nail care and sunbeds.

I trained as a beautician, but in addition to providing beauty treatments I am also in charge of management, marketing and administration at 3L Beauté. My mother ran the salon until I took over three years ago.

Why did you choose Exalog's software?

In 2007, my mother decided to find a system to manage our customers’ direct debits. She could have chosen the software suggested by our bank, but chose instead to go for Direct-debits, due to the superior price/quality ratio.

How did you find setting up the software?

I didn’t have any issues when I started to use Direct-debits. The software is easy to learn, and setting it up took no time at all.

The only problems I encountered were related to SEPA. I found direct debits easier to carry out before SEPA migration. Exalog’s very attentive and proactive support team helped me, and everything is now running smoothly.

How did you hear about the move to the new SEPA format?

Both Exalog and our bank told us about the move to SEPA.

Why did you decide to implement the BIC/IBAN transformation?

I opted for the automatic conversion of RIB to BIC/IBAN for the sake of simplicity. Converting my entire database manually would have taken me too long.

What conclusions can you draw from your experience of implementing and using Direct-debits?

Overall, Direct-debits is a practical and intuitive tool. I particularly like the effective monitoring provided by Exalog’s support team.

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