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Automate your direct debit payment schedules with Direct-debits

Direct-debits optimises the management of your direct debits using automation tools.

The terms and conditions for processing your due dates with Direct-debits


Direct-debits is a European, multilingual and multi-bank solution that contributes to automating the processing of direct debit due dates thanks to:

  • Display and assisted control of SEPA direct debit due dates
  • Automatic file preparation (XML, SEPA) by due date

Automatic order sending via the EBICS T/TS or FTP protocol, or by depositing the file on your bank’s website.

The tools for automating your SEPA direct debits

In order to automate your direct debit payment schedules, Direct-debits relies on:

  • The creation of a database of customers and their contracts by means of file entry or importation (CFONB, AEB or text with separators)

  • The implementation of your direct debit payment schedules according to your needs:
    • Length of customer contract: limited or tacit renewal
    • Direct debit frequency: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc.
    • Due date amounts: fixed or variable
    • Automated management of the compulsory references for SDD direct debits (SEPA Direct Debits)
Automatisation prélèvements SEPA
Suivi tableau de bord
  • The Follow-up of your dashboards:
    • Contract statement by customer account: direct debits collected, outstanding balance due
    • Management of your forecast direct debit collection: by type of contract, by date
    • Analysis of your collection statistics: by type of contract, date and due date
    • Configurable editing of reminder letters for unpaid orders
    • Exporting information for editing :

      • Personalised sales letters
      • Supporting documents for fiscal or accounting purposes
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