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SEPA direct debits for associations

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I represent a non-profit organisation and I want to set up automatic direct debits.

The needs of my association

I want to spread out the donations given by my donors in order to enable them to make donations throughout the year
To have a rigorous monitoring system for my payment schedule summary and SEPA direct debit mandates

The advantages of SEPA direct debits (SDD) for my association and my donors

Automatic SEPA direct debits will enable me to collect each due date donation amount on the date set from my donor’s account, at a frequency that suits them (for example, monthly for someone on a salary, or quarterly for someone receiving a pension).

Benefits for my organisation
  • Direct debit regularity
  • Reduced management costs
  • No need for reminders for my collections
  • Generosity of favourite donors
Benefits for our donors
  • Freedom to choose the amount and frequency of donations
  • Limited outflow of money

How to manage automatic direct debits with Direct-debits?

With the Direct-debits SEPA direct debit software, I can:
  • Save the details of our donor
  • Ensure the direct debit mandate is signed on paper or remotely as an electronic version (e-mandate)
  • Create payment schedules for SEPA direct debits by taking into account the chosen frequency (monthly, quarterly)
  • Store our SEPA direct debit mandates (direct debit authorisations)
    • In PDF format
    • In electronic format (archiving the e-mandate)

At each due date, I can:

  • Automatically generate files that conform to banking standards to be sent to our banks:
    • By placing them on their website
    • Or by the EBICS and FTP protocols
  • Process payment incidents
  • Monitor statistics and forecast direct debits by donor account or by group of donors
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