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Incidents de règlements
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Manage your direct debit incidents with the Direct-debits software

Take control of your unpaid debts thanks to the advanced tools offered by Direct-debits.

Payment incident management

The Direct-debits SEPA direct debit software gives you the tools you need to monitor your collections by automatic direct debit and improve unpaid order processing, by enabling you to:

Gestion incidents règlements
Register your unpaid order notices in your customer account:
  • Automatically receive failed direct debits (cam.054 via EBICS)
  • Enter unpaid order notices

Process payment incidents:
  • Edit reminder letters using configurable templates
  • Put in place alerts when there are multiple incidents for one customer
  • Direct debit representation:
    • Add at the next due date
    • Split over several due dates
    • Date deferment
    • Automatic attribution of any unpaid order fees
  • Registration received by another method of payment: transfers, cheques, cash

Overpayment refunds:
  • Refund transfer

All of these transactions are automatically saved to the customer account, so you can monitor your collections and the balances that remain due by debtor.

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