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Manage your SEPA direct debit mandates and e-mandates with Direct-debits

With Direct-debits, manage your SEPA direct debit mandates and offer the e-mandate (electronic mandate) to your customers

Manage SEPA direct debit mandates with Direct-debits

Direct-debits offers you all the functions you need to create, store and manage your SEPA direct debit mandates thanks to:

  • Mandate creation
  • Issuing and sending mandates
  • Mandate management

Mandate creation:

Creation of a mandate library by file entry or importation (CFONB, AEB or text with separators)

Automatic generation of the Unique Mandate Reference (UMR) with configurable rules

Création des mandats

Mandate creation:

SEPA Direct Debit mandate in hard format

  • Produce the mandate in PDF format

Then :

  • Send the mandate by post or e-mail
  • Storing the PDF mandates:
    • Signed mandate is saved
    • Its status is automatically updated
Mandat de prélèvement SEPA physique
Mandat de prélèvement SEPA électronique

SEPA Direct Debit e-mandate in digital format

  • Mandate is signed digitally:
    • An e-mail is sent to your debtor containing a web link with access to the mandate
    • The debtor enters a telephone number and receives a validation code by SMS
    • The debtor then enters the code in order to sign the mandate digitally
    • The signed e-mandate is sent to the debtor

  • Automatic e-mandate management:
    • Archiving
    • Status updates

Mandate administration

Search and make changes in batches

Sending of pre-notifications by email or editing for mass mailing

Automatic amendment generation

Monitoring amendment history

Administration des mandats
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