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EBICS Banking Communication Protocol | Direct-debits

EBICS, an acronym for Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard, is a universal banking communication protocol in Europe, facilitating secure exchanges between financial institutions and their clients.

EBICS Direct-debits

Sending and receiving SEPA Direct Debit files with EBICS

You can use the EBICS protocol to send your SEPA direct debit files from Cegid Direct-debits automatically and receive unpaid order notices and Payment Status Reports (PSR).
EBICS is an interbank protocol: it can be chosen to exchange data with any bank in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to the banks in these 3 countries, other European banks also use this protocol.

There are two versions of EBICS

EBICS T(for transport)

Enables simple file exchange

EBICS TS (for transport and signature)

Enables files to be exchanged and orders to be digitally signed

EBICS access and transmissions

Access to the EBICS protocol is free, and transmissions are carried out over the internet in a secure form using the following model:
  • The banks provide an EBICS server so their customers can receive their statements (account statements…) and send their banking orders (within the framework of a service contract)
  • The banking management and cash management software have an EBICS module to enable communication with the banks’ servers
Transmissions EBICS

The advantages of EBICS

Common system for France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Compatible with SEPA direct debit and credit transfer formats

Integrated personal digital signature

Free access
(quick and very secure, enables large volumes of files to be sent)

To find out more about the creation of the EBICS protocol, visit the European Payments Council website (

Why choose EBICS in Cegid Direct-debits?

With EBICS, you can:

Send your orders directly
to the bank

Receive your unpaid order notices
so you can update your customer account: automatically receive failed direct debits (camt.054 via EBICS)

Receive your Payment Status Reports

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