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Send your SEPA direct debit files with Direct-debits

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Using direct debit payment schedules saved in your database, the Direct-debits software generates SEPA direct debits in the standards expected by your bank (SEPA Direct Debit, XML ISO 20022, pain.008.001.02, pain.008.001.03, pain.008.002.03).

Find out more information on Direct debits’ software here.

Automatic transmission to your bank thanks to the EBICS T/TS protocol

Direct-debits enables you to exchange directlywith your bank without changing your interface.

Thanks to the EBICS protocol:

You automate and secure your exchanges with your bank

You have PSRs(Payment Status Reports) to monitor file execution

You receive your failed SEPA direct debit files in camt.054 format

If you already have banking communication software, the FTP-Bank (Option) module will enable you to automate your transactions between the Direct-debits software and this software. Find out more

Depositing a file on your banks' websites

If you want to place your files on your banks’ websites, Direct-debits generates the files in the required format (SEPA XML).

Benefits of Direct-debits

  • Automated receipt of unpaid order statements with EBICS
  • Return information thanks to PSRs (Payment Status Reports)
  • Automation of your sendings to the bank


  • End-to-end monitoring of all remittances you send to the banks (PSR, ACK,ARA)


  • Easy to use (open protocol and assistance)