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Guillaume Lafarge and Jean-Baptiste Auzou

Exalog joins Cegid

Cegid confirms acquisition of Exalog, a specialized editor of treasury management software in SaaS mode. Cegid thereby strengthens its offering in treasury, ERP and tax, providing a complete financial suite to meet the needs of Finance departments, from SMEs to key accounts

  • Mandate management
  • Processing schedules
  • Unpaid order management
  • Banking communication

Create, send and store your (e-)mandates

  • Creating and sending physical or electronic SEPA direct debit mandates
  • Automatic generation and tracking of amendments
  • Mass searches and modifications in the mandatheque
  • Sending of pre-notifications by email or editing for mass mailing

Automate the management of your payment schedule

  • Customise direct debit schedules: length of contract, amount and frequency of instalments, etc.
  • Complete tracking: automatic file preparation (XML, SEPA), analysis of your collection statistics, printing of reminder letters for unpaid invoices, etc.
  • Automatic transmission of orders using EBICS or FTP

Manage your payment incidents

  • Follow-up on overdue notices and rejected direct debits
  • Issue reminder letters and alerts for multiple incidents
  • Flexibility in adding and allocating overdue charges
  • Automated management of repayments and monitoring of outstanding balances by debtor

Send your direct debits automatically with EBICS

  • Conversion and generation of direct debit files in SEPA XML ISO 20022 format
  • Conversion of RIBs to IBANs, with detection of new direct debit mandates
  • Automatic and secure exchanges with your bank using the EBICS protocol
  • Receipt of rejected SEPA direct debit files in camt.054 format

Benefits of Direct-debits

A proven solution

Software adapted to your profession


Avantages Direct-debits

No initial investment

Prices adapted to our volumes

Automatic free updates

Automated mandate reference

Digital mandate signature

Collections made more reliable

Reduced risk of failed payments

Beauty salon

In my beauty salon I use Direct-debits to debit my customers


At my school I manage our students’ tuition fees on Direct-debits

Press organisation

Direct-debits makes it easy for my news agency to manage my subscriptions


Thanks to Direct-debits, my charity can simplify the management of its donors’ direct debits

Your activity

Cultural Association

For my cultural association, I charge my members with Direct-debits

Service provider

I’m a service provider and Direct-debits makes it easier for me to take direct debits from my customers.

Sports club

Direct-debits simplifies direct debits for members of my sports club


I’m an insurer and Direct-debits makes it easy to collect premiums from my customers

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