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3Dsoft put its trust in the Direct-debits software for the migration to SEPA

Since the start of 2014, 3Dsoft has been using the Direct-debits solution from the editor Exalog to manage its SEPA payment schedules and mandates.
Ms Villaplana, the company’s accountant, assesses the experience of using the software over the past year.

Could you tell us about your company?

3Dsoft was founded in 1994 and specializes in the development of software applications for garages and car dealerships. We are based in Paris and have a subsidiary in the United States.

What is your position within the company?

I have been working for 3Dsoft for five years and I am in charge of accounts, administration and the collection of unpaid invoices.

Why did you choose Exalog's Direct-debits software and what was the background behind that choice?

In 2013, our bank told us about the imminent arrival of SEPA and our obligation to adopt this format by the deadline set for January 2014. We needed to bring in a software application to manage our direct debits, a task we had been delegating to our banking partner up until that point.

The bank strongly recommended us to use Exalog for this purpose. Following successful discussions, we decided to adopt the Direct-debits software.

How did setting up the software go in general?

I did not have any difficulties during set-up and the customer service team was able to guide me when necessary. The only obstacle for me was learning to use the matrix supplied by Exalog, but overall, everything went very smoothly.

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

The payment schedule manager is an effective tool which helps us generate our monthly due dates. We always receive our payments on time and we have no unpaid orders.

We save all the information relating to our customers’ mandates in Direct-debits. The software manages the direct debit sequential status and the UMR (Unique Mandate Reference), which I find really helpful.

How would you assess your migration to SEPA?

The transition to SEPA was very straightforward. Of course, we were obliged to change our way of operating, but in the end it was for the best, since using Direct-debits costs us less than our previous system. In addition, we save a good deal of time as a result of administrative processing times which are now considerably shorter.

How would you describe your experience of setting up and using Direct-debits?

During set-up, the customer service team were available to help and responded quickly. Now, as soon as I send them an e-mail, they reply the same day or even within the hour. As for configuration and use, I would say Direct-debits is a clear and intuitive program.

Exalog's perspective

Sophie Morel, Communications Director

What we believe is essential in 3Dsoft’s testimonial, is that Ms Villaplana managed to take advantage of the Direct-debits software and of the SEPA format by adapting her methods. While many companies felt compelled to move on to SEPA, 3Dsoft was able to optimise its treatments and to benefit from it.
To help its clients, Exalog assists them in analysing their collection process thanks to an online documentation and Assistance team.

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