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Un nuovo affiliato del gruppo Magic Form affascinato dal software Direct-debits

Gym Fyzz Sens, a franchisee of the Magic Form group, uses Direct-debits software from Exalog to debit its members. Anthony Julien, co-manager of the gym, talks about his use of the software and their transition to SEPA.

Può presentarci la sua società?

Gym Fyzz Sens is a gym located in Sens, in the Yonne department. We have 1,500 clients and our business enabled us to generate sales of over 400,000 euros in 2013. We’re part of the Magic Form franchise, which has 80 clubs across France. The company has five employees, and I myself am joint managing director.

Per quali ragioni avete scelto il software di Exalog e come si è svolto l'avviamento?

The entire Magic Form group operates on direct debit and uses Direct-debits. The Franchise Director came to present the software to us following the opening of Gym Fyzz Sens. The implementation itself went very smoothly and I didn’t find anything complicated.

Come effettua i prelievi con Direct-debits?

It’s very simple. Clients first pay for their registration by cheque or cash. We then create the mandates in the software, and set up a monthly direct debit for each client.

Come si è svolto il passaggio alla SEPA?

Our sales are based on direct debits, so SEPA migration was critical for us. We had to avoid any complications. That’s why we started work as early as December 2013, several months before the deadline.

Grazie alle spiegazioni chiare fornite dall’assistenza Exalog, la migrazione è avvenuta con semplicità.

But then things got complicated. We weren’t aware of the need to switch all our first direct debits to ‘FIRST’ status. We lost several days as a result. What’s more, some of the IBANs in our database were incorrect. The files sent were therefore incorrect. We regretted that Direct-debits did not alert us before sending the file to the bank.

This weakness has now been corrected and we are very satisfied with the software. I particularly appreciate the regular changes made to Direct-debits, both in terms of functionality and ergonomics. The software is constantly being enhanced.

Che conclusioni può trarre sull'utilizzo di Direct-debits?

Direct-debits is simple and pleasant to use. An interesting improvement would be to automate the sending of deadlines, or to provide for the sending of alerts by e-mail or sms to remind us.

Exalog's perspective

Guillaume Lafarge, Presidente

I feedback degli utenti ci consentono di migliorare Direct-debits per offrire ai clienti un software ricco di funzioni, pratico ed ergonomico.
Following the problem encountered by Mr Julien, we quickly added additional data consistency checks when generating the direct debit remittance files. We also listened carefully to his suggestions for improvement, and Direct-debits will soon be offering e-mail alerts to remind you when direct debits are due.

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