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Keep your management software and automate your data exchanges with Direct-debits

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The Direct-debits SEPA direct debit software interfaces with your internal tools easily

With the optional Direct-debits transaction automation module (FTP-Bank), you can automate your file exchanges using your internal management tools. You can therefore reduce the amount of human work needed whichever IT system you use, and whichever protocols your banking partners use (EBICS, FTP, FTPs, PeSIT).

Thanks to FTP-Bank, you can:

Integrate your new customers into Direct-debits automatically

Collect your unpaid order statements to integrate them into your IT system

Convert your CFONB direct debit files before sending them to the bank (SEPA MXL ISO 20022)

Benefits of Direct-debits

  • Automated conversions
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Improved data quality


  • Easy to use (open protocol and assistance)


  • Deletes duplicate entries


  • Verifies file conformity before sending
  • Reduces the risk of errors